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Navy Shopping Bag with Stripes

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This jumbo size shopping bag can hold a large amount of shopping, and has a holding capacity of 20L. When not in use, this bag can be easily folded down, secured shut with a button and then placed inside your regular day bag. The top comes with a drawstring cover that prevents items from falling out, and also shields the contents from view. Can be conveniently carried on your shoulder. When grocery shopping, if you place this bag inside your cart or shopping basket, you won’t have to remove the items from the basket at all, and can simply carry it home as is, saving yourself time and convenience. Not just handy for shopping, this bag is also perfect to take along on both leisure outings as well as sporting events or activities. Comes in a navy blue colour with white stripes.

  • Shopping Bag
  • Stripe
  • 31x45x23cm
  • Navy
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